Field of Research: Manufacturing

Lecturer: Dr Stephen Matope

Manufacturing as an engineering field focuses on the creation of wealth by processing raw materials in order to produce value added products for a ready market. Manufacturing can either be on a micro-scale or macro-scale depending on the size of the products being produced, hence the terms micro-manufacturing or macro-manufacturing. Manufacturing processes include metal forming, machining operations and rapid product development. During manufacturing, material handing operations are also taking into consideration. Students can embark on manufacturing related researches in their own field of interest with the aim of innovatively producing new and better products. In some cases students may decide to develop new production tooling aimed at shortening production lead times or reducing production costs.
For prospective Master’s and PhD students in manufacturing, they should first identify a need or a research gap in the area of their interest. A thorough literature review would be necessary to justify the existence of a knowledge gap; once this is done, the candidate can approach the lecturer with a brief research proposal. A discussion would then follow between the student and the lecturer, and when an agreement is reached the research can then be started.

Research Group Members

Theuns Dirkse van Schalkwyk
Senior Lecturer

Stephen Matope

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